January 12, 2018 Lisa Turner

Looking for an Event Management Company? Ask These Questions.

You’ve come to the point where you know you need additional assistance in planning an event for your company or organization, but how do you know which event management company is right for you?  The best way to combat feeling overwhelmed is to educate yourself on the “selection process.” Selecting the right event management company is crucial to staying on budget and creating a successful event. It’s all about getting the best value for your spend! I’ve been on both sides of this challenge and want to share some basics to help get you started.

  1. Brainstorm how you want your attendees to feel when they enter and leave your event. Ask yourself:
    1. What type of event will it be: a fundraiser, educational conference or a gala?
    2. What do you want the attendees to walk away with? For example, at an event for business leaders attendees should leave feeling empowered and knowledgeable, while at a charity gala attendees should leave feeling thankful and full of goodwill.
  2. Determine your event budget. When developing plans for a large-scale event, make sure all stakeholders in agreement on the scope of spend. This will help guide your planning process.

Once you’ve set the foundation for what you want, the next steps are to find the best fit for your company, your budget and your event. To learn more about these details, download our helpful guide.

Ultimate Guide, Researching Event Management Companies Checklist

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