March 28, 2017 Lisa Turner

Planning an Event? Here’s How to Choose the Right Venue.

The first order of business in planning an event is booking the venue. If you don’t have a venue then you don’t have an event. Easy, right? Actually, there’s quite a bit to consider and we will cover some high-level points when booking your event venue.

Type of Venue

Most people know about conferences centers and the typical meeting spaces, but have you considered events could be held at the Henry Doorly Zoo? The Museum? An Air Hanger? There are a few key considerations when choosing a venue, more specifically:

  1. Number of Guests– Obviously have a place that can hold the number of people you anticipate, but have you also considered a buffer on both ways? You don’t want a large place looking bare and you certainly don’t want a small place overflowing beyond the fire code capacity. We work closely to help you determine these factors.
  2. Time of Year- Are there other events that could interfere with your event? Will it be indoor or outdoor and what weather precautions would have to be taken?
  3. Type of Entertainment- Will we need A/V, microphones, large screens, classrooms, theater style seating, etc.?
  4. Location- Is it easy and accessible for the majority of the guests? Is there ample parking? For larger events, is there enough lodging nearby for guests?
  5. Budget- Does it fit your budget to rent this space or would other potential times be more accommodating? By changing the dates to the fit the budget, does it adversely affect attendance?

Logistics of the Venue

Once you select a venue, you’re not out of the woods quite yet. We need to work through the logistics/itinerary of your event and ensure that the venue is accommodating. These are the things we work through to consider:

  1. Diagram/Floor Plan of Facility– Most places will provide a packet that will lay out all the rooms within a venue including approx. how many people can fit inside each space. We can compare this against your anticipated attendance to ensure it’s a right fit.
  2. Other Events– Are there other potential events held that same time frame that could be distracting to your own guests? Do we need to be concerned about noise from other events?
  3. Usable or Unusable Spaces– You should evaluate nooks, corners, or other spaces as potential spots for setting up registration tables, stages, breakout sessions, etc. We can work with you to help you visualize these important details that can often go overlooked.
  4. Site Visit- Lastly, we recommend a site visit to tour the space, meet with the event manager and ensure that the facility and their staff can meet all your needs. Among those include catering, decor, security, etc.

Phew! That was a lot to digest and that’s only the event venue part of the planning.

Remember how we said planning an event is no walk in the park? That’s why when you hire Turner Events we take all these things into consideration and work hard to make your event a success. Call us at (402) 926-1199 or fill out our contact form to get started!