March 18, 2017 Lisa Turner

Reasons Why You Don’t Need An Event Planner

Did you know that the average corporate event requires 150 hours of planning? And the average social event requires around 200 hours of planning.

Time is important and you’ve got lots of time so you don’t really need an event planner. Planning your own event will actually be a good way to build character for yourself and every single other person involved in the process. You know what they say? What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Here are the reasons why you don’t need to hire an event planner:


Stress and Tension

That new yoga and meditation class has been doing you lots of good, which is why your stress levels are at an all-time low. Taking on the added stress of planning an event only helps to restore that imbalance in your stress levels to a normal, functioning amount. It wouldn’t be fair to the rest of us if you weren’t in the trenches, too.

Not to mention, if you plan an event internally there is almost a guarantee that there will be differences of opinion and internal politics that will be a stumbling block. But don’t worry, you’ve been looking for ways to apply the methods from Nonviolent Communication and planning your own event will provide you ample opportunities.

Cost Effectiveness

It’s much cheaper to do something yourself and you can learn a new skill along the way.

Among the skills you will gain is the art of negotiating deals. Special pricing is usually given to Event Planners because they have a long history of working with the vendors, but there’s no reason you couldn’t waltz right in and demand the same pricing.

After you spend most of your day Google searching for vendors, you can chance your event to someone you’ve never worked with before. Praying comes in handy for this type of situation. You want to believe in the best in people so you put your optimism on the line and hope for the best.

Super Important: Whatever you do, just don’t hire the wrong vendors that could totally sabotage your event.


Remember that one time you planned your child’s first birthday party with a cute theme and live animals? Planning a large conference is exactly like that!

The only differences, really, are the fact that you have registrations to deal with, timelines to maintain, budgets to watch, contracts to negotiate, speakers to book, vendors to manage, and you need a backup plan. It’s really no big deal, though, and you can probably find a great Youtube video tutorial if you get stuck on a problem.

Pro Tip: Much like young children, if the guests start acting bored, upset, or disengaged just pull out a cake with candles and everyone’s eyes will light right up!

Hiring An Event Planner

If none of the above sounds appealing, then it may be time to bring in the event planning experts. Turner Events can always help! Give us at (402) 926-1199 or fill out our Contact form to get started.