April 11, 2017 Lisa Turner

Event Goals And Why You Need To Know Them

You have just been put in charge of planning a huge upcoming event for your company. After hiring the right event planner (us), you’re now left to the strategy of your event. Part of hiring Turner Events is being able to rely on our professional guidance to help you understand your event goals.

Let’s start out by explaining some of the most common goals we see when it comes to planning events.

Common Goals in Event Planning

  • Raise Funds

This may be the most obvious but oftentimes events are planned with the goal of raising funds for a cause. The format can often include a guest speaker, auction of goods, raffle, and/or simply donations.

  • Raise Awareness

If there’s something that needs to be publicly known or announced (such as a new product release or a change in leadership) then you can create an event to spread the word.

  • Inform the Public

Tradeshows and expositions fall into this category. Vendors usually come together in one convenient location to advertise to potential prospects.

  • Gather the Members

Many events and organizations often hold events as a way to unite the members under one roof to update them, encourage them, network, and give them another added benefit of being part of an organization.

Why it’s Important to Know Your Goal(s)

We often tell our clients that the goal(s) serve as a central point that the entire planning team can agree on. When we reach a fork in the road for decision-making, we can always circle back to whether or not it helps fulfill our goal.

The list above covers the most common main goals, but we recognize that most events have secondary goals they’re also trying to accomplish. For instance, you may be trying to raise awareness for a health condition while also trying to raise funds to support the non-profit organization attached to it. It’s important to understand the hierarchy of the goals as well so that we’re able to help you coordinate efforts around it.

This is merely scratching the surface to understanding goals when it comes to your events. If you’d like full strategy, please give us a call at (402) 926-1199 or fill out our contact form to get started!