May 15, 2017 Cam

One of the Most Overlooked Skills of an Event Planner

Sure your event planner has skills in negotiating contracts, booking vendors, coordinating timelines, and registering guests. But there’s one major skill necessary to facilitate a successful event that is often overlooked.

Technical Knowledge.

Tech is nearly part of every major event. There’s screens, microphones, speakers, lighting, and not to mention the actual technical knowledge of being able to coordinate online registration. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to kick off your event and suddenly the screen goes black. Imagine the horror.

Why It’s Important to have a Tech Savvy Event Planner

What happens on stage…doesn’t stay on stage, unfortunately. You have an audience expecting a flawless presentation and so you can’t leave that to chance. Here’s why it’s important to hire the right event planner with technical knowledge.

We Ask the Right Prerequisite Questions

When we meet to discuss your event, we know what to ask. We’re able to assess the technical needs, coordinate the right vendors, and ultimately create safe plans in place to prepare for the worst.

We Know What Looks and Sounds Best

Instead of worrying about the technical details (and speaking a language you don’t understand), we help to understand your audience/event and recommend the right volume, the optimal aspect ratio for your screens, etc. Plus we coordinate that with the slideshow presenter so we know that everything will look and sound it’s best on the big day.

We Find the Right Venue

Turns out that location, capacity, and budget aren’t the only factors when trying to determine a venue. Based on your technical needs, we can help find the right venue that has the necessary technical setup so we can set up the stage properly, music, lights, and more.

You can rest assured that when you choose Turner Events, we are considering all these technical aspects in addition to all of your other needs for an event. Use our Contact Form or call us at 402.926.1199 to make sure you’re covered.