June 7, 2017 Lisa Turner

You’re Focusing on the Wrong Thing When it Comes to Your Event Theme

We’ve all attended (and maybe even planned or hosted) a themed fundraising event. And chances are, the theme was an overdone, cookie-cutter theme – think 50’s, Safari, Hawaiian, and Disco. Now don’t get us wrong, pretending we’re at a Luau in a closed-off room with some of our closest colleagues or friends is always an evening worth celebrating, but sometimes we crave something a little different. Something a little more unique and precisely targeted to the audience attending. This can easily be done be creating what we like to call “The Look”.

So What is “The Look”?

The look of an event is the atmosphere it creates and part of the event experience- this goes far beyond aesthetics.

You’re most likely reading this because you’ve been tasked with organizing an annual corporate event. You’ve reflected on the stress and challenges from the previous years and now you’re stumped on where to start for accomplishing your top three goals. Your fundraising event must:

  1. Be Creative. Is it really an event if it’s not fun and doesn’t attract guests?
  2. Raise Money. A no-brainer goal for a fundraising event but must always be at the forefront of planning.
  3. Gain Exposure-There’s no better way to shed some positive light on your brand than from a well-planned event.

Companies, organizations, and non-profits create and implement events for a variety of reasons but despite the differences, they can all benefit from keeping one thing in mind during the planning phase: focus on mastering “The Look” instead of choosing a theme.

How to Master “The Look”

It’s absolutely possible to create a unique atmosphere for your event by using color and design instead of using a packaged theme.

Ask These Questions

  1. What type of event is this?
  2. What is the goal of the event?
  3. What time of year will the event take place?
  4. What time of the day will the event take place? For example, you don’t want to use bright daytime colors and décor at an upscale evening event.
  5. Who is my audience? For example, for events involving children, try using more bright colors.
  6. How can I marry up my event “look” with the branding and logo of my organization? Is the brand developed and updated? Will the colors in the logo coordinate with the event? If the brand and logo are not a good fit, then use the brand and logo as secondary marks for the event. Secondary marks are incorporated into the “look” by using the logos on the video screens and all printed material, but not as the main décor.

From answering these questions, you should be able to create a consistent “look” or overall visual picture of your event.

Color Psychology Does Not Lie

More often than not, people get stuck on choosing the perfect color scheme for the event. The color scheme to any event or brand is very telling of the overall feelings that you want to get across.

We recommend starting with two primary colors and one or two accent colors. It is also a good idea to pick one metallic color so that the centerpieces or another décor can be in metallic, gold, silver, bronze, etc. Is your audience young and into trendy colors? Reflect their taste.Once you’ve locked in the colors, work with a graphic designer to put the overall graphics, color and “look” together starting with the collateral (invites, signage, ads, brochures, website, etc.). Everything that touches the event should be consistent, clean, and in step with the “look” including décor, linens, centerpieces and video graphics.

Master “The Look”

By answering the six questions listed above, you can strategically choose an overall vision that’s tailored to your event and that will create a lasting impression on the attendees.

If you still feel strongly about a particular theme, then give it a new twist by using unusual colors, décor or video to create a new angle or a unique appearance.

Need some inspiration or strategic direction on choosing the perfect look for your next fundraising event? Give us a call at 402.926.1199 or fill out our online form.